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Nowadays by increasing the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant construction projects in our country, one of the most important priorities in reconstruction programs of the government and also the most highlighted goal for the society of engineers and represented employers, is developing the centers, training and providing specialist and skilled staffs for maintaining, engineering, purchasing and also running out these projects in the country.

Petropalamehvar Company is arranged and organized by high qualified engineers and specialists with the best academic degrees and fine experiences in designing many of the huge oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant projects. As the result of this hard work plan our company is ready to receive various projects in any field and present the process to our respectful and honorable employers with the highest qualification as soon as possible.

Satisfaction of our employers is the first and main concern of us .we are going to achieve this major goal by using the best specialists, compliance codes and international standards. Also complying with full schedule and the highest quality in engineering services.

Petropalamehvar managers believe, the conclusion of the above principles by appropriate prices will satisfy and confide our employers in us.


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